Friday, October 07, 2005

open your eyes

hello earthlings. been busy and almost dead everytime i reach
home. so far, it's still good here in the office although the network
of csb looks cranky yesterday and today.

yesterday i was reminded again of some bwisits in my life. actually,
theyre not that significant to me, but it affects me because they affect
someone close to me, get it? hay my blood was boiling once again.
but i got my sweet revenge, i didnt talk crap but i did thought out loud and finally,
some people like me understands my sentiments, not even my boyfriend does.

but how do you know who your real friends are?
do they laugh at you behind your back?
do they see you only when they need you?
do they take the credits away from you?
do they just suddenly disappear?
do they prevent you from growing?
do they advice you to stay like that forever, penniless but with the company of real friends they say they are?

i can make a mile of a list but i wish someone out there would understand.

you won't be belittled if you don't look foolish.
at least make a move or make yourself grow so you get bigger.
i hate unprofessionalism.

there's a world out there bigger than a comic book.

it's tough to convert someone to the REAL WORLD.
where friends are few but REAL.
where money is NEEDED and SOUGHT.
where contracts are REAL.

it's time to learn to open your eyes.
real people do get tired teaching you about the REALITY in life.
it's not business per se, but life.

If you don't take life seriously, it would laugh at you.