Monday, February 20, 2006


I wish I can buy another magazine because i have nothing to read at home. AND i wish Azrael can come sleep with me today because now he's at his apartment doing laundry and on friday, he won't be coming home again because he and his sister need to go Quezon on Saturday early morning.

I dream that I can come with them. I also dream STILL of a PINK MOTO. I also dream of having my hair treated at Kerastasse. FYI: treatment is P 2,500. hope i can get them soon!

Just finished my lunch break and i was scouting for magazines, newspapers, as if i will puu puu on the toilet. went to library to look for haircuts but it was in vain, only found books dating back to 1993-2003.

This morning, i dreamed of being number one in pinoytopblogs nyahahaha just so everyone can read what's happening with me. SO i just enlisted myself voluntarily in technorati. :) sweet!