Monday, February 13, 2006

WHEW an update at last!!!

am i cursed or something? i was blogging for the nth time and it was freaking deleted again!!! i just pressed ctrl+a and some mispressed keys and there went my entry to the abyss.

anyway, my PC is still dominated by hellish spywares preventing me to post from my HQ and include evidential pictures of the going-ons in my life although they are primarily composed of two human beings who can't get their hands off each other namely azrael and lace.

i was to talk of the different blog sites i frequently visit and here they are:

the man-blog
the id configuration
azrael's merryland ---> who is this hottie?
philippines for him

i never fail to report to GirlTalk and help other distressed ladies in terms of fashion, skincare, and what have you.

there.. also i want to post this very cute alien!!! i love HIM so much i wish i can have my own if only i win the lottery, or manage to produce a million and afford an educational plan for this little earthling. i want someone just like him that's why as early as now, im staring at his cutey cute cute picture!!!