Sunday, March 26, 2006

ManHann, Tamagochi, Twinkles :)

i had to repeat and rewrite this post because the computer hanged.. grrr..

Yesterday we all went to the dentist (me, azrael, my mom, and my sister) all of us except az underwent dental procedures.

Where: Dental Office PSE Tower

After, we ate in Man Hann. I celebrated by pigging out since my stitches are finally gone :) I ate Oyster Cake for the first time, one of Azrael's favorite food. Its good but after awhile, my head feels big. We got several dishes, we're such pigs oh my. There's Oyster Cake, Spicy Spare Ribs, Pancit, Hot and Sour soup, Siomai, and Pata Tim.

Where: Man Hann Megamall A.

Then, while waiting for my big sister to arrive and finish the left overs hehe.. me and Az went to the Twinkle shop where you can buy iron on designs for your pants. I wanted them since friday because I was thinking of ways to update my jeans in an affordable and creative way then this came to my mind. :) I asked fellow GirTalkers where I can buy them and there! voila, got them and ironed them away on my jeans and every cloth i saw. haha.

We also went to Toy Kingdom to buy Anya some toys. then, i saw new Tamagochis: Tamagochi Connect. It has infrared and i told azrael that i want both of us to have one each. isnt that cute? we'd be like sweet japanese highschool couples i see in Boys Be (anime).

This big Teddy is for sale P900 something haha so big and cute but where will you put it??? ^^;


sheng said...

hi there! how much is tamagochi?
you bought it at sm mega toy kingdom ayt?