Thursday, March 16, 2006

New Zealanders and iT's Summer!

i MET the Prime Ministress of NEW ZEALAND yesterday and i was so delighted!

im just waiting for some photos from the other photographer who went with us, he has my photo.
a big shout out to YOU i need the photo badly because im so proud of it, okay? hiihihi.
I was confident enough to mingle during the cocktails, i also shook hands with the New Zealand Ambassador (Our EVP is very kind to me) and got to experience the chaotic press cons i see on TV.

There was ABS-CBN, GMA, the broadsheets and some mags. i squeezed my butt in again to get some very good or fair shots.

It's summer and have you got any idea where to go swimming? because i don't. watching the air crash investigations in National Geographic made me even more terrified of flying. so im lookingfor a place in Luzon to go swimming.

Apparently, Puerto Galera was sort of visited by some NPA, that left me with no choice but look elsewhere with salt water.

Just remember kids, the sun is harmful so wear your sunglasses and sunblock :)

that's all, bow.