Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tamgotchi Connection BIBI

Welcome Tama BIBI :)

finally got my tamagotchi icecream version tuesday night. i ran to Toy Kingdom Megamall after office hours just to get hold of it.

Yesterday, i wasnt able to go to work for some reasons. azrael also teased me a lot and made me cry around two to three times.

I'm a MOMMY and this is my baby during delivery haha :) look! i just gave birth.

photo courtesy of: Daddy Azrael Coladilla

I named my tama baby BIBI :)

it's a boy and im not yet sure what type of tama pet it would be :)

now it's with azrael because im here at work. he txtd me that BIBI just transformed once again to a gotchi with two ears and a cap! so kawaii!!!!
can't wait to see both of them later. :)