Tuesday, April 25, 2006


3 days and counting

sorry for not being able to update as i used to haha, office just got more exciting so that means less lull time for me to blab out here.

azrael is still in quezon and i dont know if he will come back haha. so im just here busying myself by waiting for lunch, doing work, and figuring out what to eat for lunch. im such a sad little thing!

yesterday my rank was 180 in pinoy top blogs but awww fell down again to 189.

check out eradioportal.com, its a nice tool for you to listen to radio online.

hmm e-to... that's all for today! gomen nasai! haha :)

hope evryone gets their piece of the day.

WATCH your BACK and don't get FOOLED :)

shout out to: Digital Filipino http://philippineinternetreview.blogspot.com
thanks for linking my blog and reading my posts ^^


digitalfilipino said...

You are welcome. Cheers! =)