Thursday, April 27, 2006

Everything bad, rock for everyonr, Derma-male, az busy bee and worms

goodmorning philippines!!! i was late for work today because of sex, alcohol, and drugs. im kidding.

i woke up late and forgot to turn on the alarm.

Today im going to share some good rock music with everyone thru my multiply!! are u eggcited? haha. just check on the music section of my multiply (link at the left) at 12nn and they are there already.

im loving rock music its stress release and violence in invisible mode. haha.

im a wreck these days and my face shows it haaaa...

the DERMA:MALE yesterday injected one of my stress zit because my doctor wasn't in. it was my first time with a male dermatologist. and all i can say is, hmpf, id just stick to the female doctors. haha.

azrael is beeing a busy bee these days. nobody loves me and i feel like eating worms.