Thursday, April 06, 2006

it's lace speaking

hi! everyone im blogging from the office. im getting sick of doing this certain project because it just never ends, anyway, ive been listening to tracks from other's multiply accounts ahahaha.

i always have this nostalgic feeling whenever i hear rock songs from the 90's, specially from my ex husband gavin rossdale.

a lot of people are asking me where im goin to spend holy week, and i just say my room since i really have nowhere to go! im so pathetic don't u think.. but even if i stay with my room and if azrael is there, when does abstinence start anyway?

i also met my cousin online, so hi! to you Donna :)

today is thursday, can't wait for friday! oh shit i have to work on saturday. ahahaha. but that's okay since i'll be loitering around the metro that day. hope i have extra moolah for that. i think azrael is going to bring me to a little party.

im so sick of the food here in the canteen! and i always forget to pass by our local bakery shop for my baon. donuts there tastes better than lunch here, maybe because ive been eating items from here for like 6 months already.

when im spacing out, i think of life without azrael ahahaha. like who i am going to have sack sessions with and when am i going to get it if azrael disappears. it is scary when i think that i can barely survive without azrael. ahahahaha.

i hate going home alone! specially with all the crazy barkers in manila and the nasty commuters, it's a jungle out there and azrael is my tarzan and i am jane. ahahaha.