Monday, April 03, 2006

no jeepneys, ice age 2, and family computer

i woke up early and hardly today to go to the office and when we were finally at the bus stop, there were no vacant jeeps to ride! the traffic was heavy and we waited and waited till it was already one way, so the jeeps must be flowing by this time, but no, they still were jampacked with ant workers like me. many employers today were stuck in the bacoor area, it looked like an exodus of working men and women out there. so after 1.5 hours of waiting, i called my driver to pick me up at the waiting area and drive me to the office. grrr. azrael and i collected dust like human vaccum cleaners.

azrael said " pagtapos ng saya puro hirap naman " ahaha he sounded like an old man and thats hot.

but i have tons of happy memories i can inhale during stress times at work like the hed kandi party, andthe ice age 2 movie.

im planning to buy a nintendo something that resembles my good old family computer. i think azrael and i need it so we can relax and forget the stressful day that just went by and will arrive the next day. its 800 pesos, and has games in it already.
i can't include a pic here because i dont know what it is called, really.

i have a thought to share and here goes-- we blog to feel freedom and happiness, even if its just cyber.

Lace :)