Thursday, April 20, 2006

What if I become a house wife?

Just a thought to liven up my day.

1. i will wear hello kitty aprons when cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
2. i will watch all koreanovelas and never miss an episode.
3. i will wait for my husband to come home everyday and take 2-4 baths each day.
4. i will go to the grocery every morning after my husband leaves so that all cooked food are fresh.
5. i will call my husband every lunch time and prepare him lunch to go in bento boxes.
6. i will make octopus hotdogs, heart-shaped sushi, and pink riceballs.
7. i will clean the house everyday and make sure it looks good when hubby comes home.
8. i will make sure i stay fresh all day.
9. During spare time, i will workout via videos so that hubby will not cheat.
10. i will go to the salon and derma every weekend to refresh and be ready to face another week.
11. i will go shopping with my husband on weekends.
12. i will wear cute matching pajamas every night :)
13. i will not get pregnant because i dont want to look like a cow and make hubby cheat

hay ~ lovely!