Tuesday, May 23, 2006

angels emailing, vegetables and karma

I just read today Jaime Licauco's column in inquirer's website. He talked about the truth behind this movie i don't want to mention the name anymore because im sick of it already.
anyhoo, the interesting part is, there's this man who is being emailed by Angel Gabrielle. If it's true, none of us know but my point with my friend was, if we know how to use the email why not the angels or God right? they are higher beings and for such, email is not a biggie to them.

then i read his past articles in inq7.net and im really fascinated about what he says on reincarnation, spirits (not ghosts), and the angels and so on.

i am interested in my soul and my faith, not ghosts or other paranormal stuff most people are more interested in.

then i also read even more about Karma and what it has to do with vegetarianism.

gahhh ~ i wish i knew more of this before and its boggling really to know which is the truth or not but what is important is the personal faith that keeps me sane and the grace of knowledge of course.

i need not change my religion, i think everything is universal and what we choose to do and believe is right whenever it is based on goodness.

AMEN. hope i shared valuable thought today :)