Thursday, May 04, 2006

Jrock to the Rescue, Hyde and Beautiful me

i am beautiful the way i am. wala lang, i just wanted to say that. another weird angsty moment. i rarely have solo pics without bf so i posted that. i love myself and i love myself more than i love you. :p

it's lunch time and im here enjoying freedom at Netopia. im listening to Hyde's new album!!! jrock at its best, it's super good it is making me wet. i love Hyde!!! thanks to Joisu for providing me with the music.

my boots are set to arrive next week :) i also want an mp3 player, now i know its purpose. i think ive been bombarding my officemates with rock music. haha :)

im also thinking of putting up stuff for sale here in my blog. so if you have stuff you'd like me to sell please email

i will be uploading more music to my multiply so visit every now and then, i don't know yet if i can share Hyde's new album but just search it in multiply.