Friday, May 05, 2006

migraine girl

thank God i'm home! i was suppose to attend this something until 8pm but it was cancelled. whew. all day long i thought of going back home. i really really need a long vacation. it's still four months before my contract ends and i hope i can live till that day.

im so quiety fussed, stressed, and irritated with everything. hay it's good to be back home -- peaceful, quiet, free, all those things. and no im not complaining about work because my load is really manageable and tasks are very easy to handle but all those other things, yes, and very much i can't hardly take it anymore. i wish i can setup my mini biz already. i really want to work from home. i am torn of doing what i like and giving it a shot but what will happen to my maketing career. hay ~ we humans plan but really, planning is useless in life which makes it even harder for me! arrggghhh

can't i just make money out of my blog? haha.

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Juliet said...

I think you need Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Mist :) ( i have the info in my blog ) :) How are you na?:)

I hope you'd link my blogs up so that we can exchange links! my blogs are :
(Beautynomics )
( The Vanity Affair - a Beauty & Fashion Blog )


suzaku_lace said...

hi! juliet :)

im still alive haha. sure i'll link up your blog ^^