Tuesday, June 13, 2006

azrael said im a PIG

i remember how i got anorexic during my early college days.

that was when i had all negative comments from my mom who'd always joke me that i had a huge round fat face. then i started to eat less, then eat bits, then eat none at all. of all the people who would push me back to that hell is none the less than my boyfriend.

we were eating at mcdonald's for breakfast, who looked at the girl by my side. he told me she had nice earrings. then he left for his seat. while eating, i told him i worked out last night (i only did 100 ab crunches) then he said, good, you should really work out so that you can get the sexy body you had last 2004 (translated to english), that was hot, he said. then he said more that would spell: lace you are a fat shapeless pig, you were much better when i first met you and now you transformed into a working force loshang. THEN he said how lovely the hair of the girl by myside is, that she looks half-korean and her nails were really nice.

i bet azrael does not even notice my nails! and more than that, all the things i have to put up with in this freaking toxic relationship!

sorry my post is not as good as the morning : ) but i have to post it or else i might have myself killed by hit and run.


kingina said...

Lose weight NOW! Ask me how. Hehehehe.

suzaku_lace said...

ahaha BALIW!

oo noh, di na ko kakain, kaninang breakfast i only ate 2 tablespoons of fried rice and an egg.

:P kaya mo yon????

later ng lunch, hmm drinks nalang ^___^

chompy said...

waah.. ayaw ko na rin kumain tuloy. :( really need to lose some of my hips eh. :D