Thursday, June 29, 2006

Can you Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsela, heart is pumping while posting this.

my heart is pumping! i can feel it almost wants to get out of my chest.

i had two brewed coffees today, one when i arrived at my cubicle and next some minutes ago during my lunchtime.

i decided to get lunch and enjoy reading at starbucks near my alma matter. i wouldnt have found any other better place to read the book i have right now.

this is by Sophie Kinsela, the same author of the Shopaholic Series (and yep read all of them and have all of them) this book was bought to me by my mom during the book fair last year.

then i only opened it last week because of the mayhem that was happening in my love life if you may call it that. so in short, this book was my salvation and whenever i get pissed off, want to relax, or while waiting, i read this.

i almost forgot i knew how to read, my last book was citizen girl, last year, given by azrael. it still is in my office drawer (checks drawer) yes it still is. whew.

i told him i finished the book already but really, i was just by the half of it.

so for you bookworms, who need no additional drama in life, get this book and you will get your laugh trip and appreciate sensible yet fun dialogues of the characters.

im almost done!!!!

i wonder what book i will get next.


kingina said...

Try reading Kafka on the Shore! It's pretty good! I eat Murakami for breakfast, brunch, lunch, merienda, and dinner! It's good to eat 5 times a day, pero keep away from those kcals!


Anonymous said...

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