Friday, July 14, 2006

Back to school, work, and my sleepless coughy night

it's still a rainy day and im loving it!

unfortunately though, i barely slept last night because of my itchy coughy throat. i guzzled down Benadryl but after a minute or so, i start coughing again.

Then i get up and reach for the bottle for the nth time, then i felt i was floating already and i managed to fall asleep after awhile.

then azrael will move and try to embrace me, waking me up again. repeat that for seven times then i hear my alarm clock.

moral of the story:

Benadryl is good for cough and for putting you to sleep. take 2 teaspoons of it. i did not measure mine since i did not have a teaspoon in my bedroom so i just drink it from the bottle.