Monday, July 17, 2006

First Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards

Last Saturday early morning, Azrael and I attended the First Philippine Garphic Fiction Awards at the Rockwell Tent.

My azrael prepared some avps and arranged for his artists-friends some booths and some stage appearances. We were there early 11am, not too many were there in the morning, even in the afternoon.

More people came and kinda filled the tent enough around 7pm.

At least i got good photos care of Mark Cerbo. :)

Here is me under a tree with quotes hanging on it. I wore a turtle neck and shorts, im not sure whether it'll be cold or hot so I wore this heehee. My dalmatian fur bag also made its first appearance.

This is me and Gerry Alanguilan the creator of Elmer the Chicken. I also went to his place once to interview him for my thesis.

With Ariel ( gotta love his POLO from See's Candies! what a classic)

and my geek husband Azrael.

Me and Lei, looked like we are in San Francisco.
It was chilling inside the tent, good thing we have our sweaters.

More photos in multiply soon :)


chompy said...

I like your shot under the tree, wish I had one too. *sigh*

At least we now have a shot together! Coolness! BD

Grabe, ang lamig nga sa loob, sobra. Parang iba talaga yung venue. :D