Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Warning: Very Hot Post not for kids and conservatives

Im alive and quiet not kicking yet.

i missed blogging and my mind is so strained that i cannot think of anything to post.

so i will give you a piece of my day instead.

i spend most of my free time spying on my big brother azrael. and i saw on one of his posts in some adult forum that he has held kitchie nadal's hand during the nokia soundtrip. he said "grabe ang lakas ng grip, nanlalamig pa. lalong hot tuloy! "

well, again im the goddess of paranoia, jealousy, and angst. and on the side of that the hentai goddess who can tear your testicles into millions of pieces away from your balls.

i cant accept the fact that azrael is fancying other girls, let alone kitchie nadal who he has been crushing on even before i descended from the heavens and made his sex life a real sex life.

and he publishes these stuff online.

im going to have no mercy posting my lustful insights today on the boys i see at work all day, the male dancer in nokia soundtrip who creamed me after taking his shirt off and started dancing to the tune of love generation. i just love this man and i wish i can see him again. if azrael held kitchie's hand, ive had an orgasm with the dancer. ahahahahaha.

then brandon routh, oh my god! i'll bear brandon thousands of kids if he wants to.

and i also have a crush on that cashier in one of the restos here around DLSU where big brother and i ate. he was wearing a rock band shirt, with tattoos all across his arms. his hair was shaved and his figure was slim and looks real hard. when i talked to him though, he sounded unintellectual.

that's all : ) i thank you. *bow*

more lustful posts when i get back. with pictures!!!


azrael said...

il fuck you later basturd!

i wont eat lucnh with you in UM

crush mo pala yun jologs na yun

suzaku_lace said...

:P ahaha

we didnt eat there today noh.

kingina said...

Mind the language! May mga kids!(like me) =P

chompy said...

just desserts.. ;) :p