Saturday, August 05, 2006

i hate transformers

i just gotta hate transformers! why? because it wasnt shown during my era and my 40 yr old boyfriend is going berzerk about it. he has a transformers blog that he updates like every 5 minutes and nobody else can use the computer!!! screw those robots and all the nerdaks that are worshipping these alien robots.

i hope this freaking movie gets shown NOW because i want my boyfriend back and the transformers are stealing him away from me. sooner or later he'd prefer updating his blog than having a sack session with me, i just know it. goodness gracious. and he claims he hasnt done anything yet and has not finished what he is supposed to do even when he hoards the pc and broadband all day. crap.

so now he maintains two blogs, his merryland and this transformers nerdy blog that gets updated every 5 minutes. no time left for girlfriend/wife whatever.

HMPF!!!! maybe he wants a girl who looks like ironhide or can transform into a mecha during sex.