Thursday, August 24, 2006

migraine girl, video blog, and chorva

i have a very irritating headache. i had migraine yesterday now i have it again!
awhile ago, i lined up at KFC to buy lunch. before me were Benildean deaf students, the KFC crew had no idea how to communicate with them. The kfc guy was speaking but hello, these students won't hear you. He was even showing that he is getting annoyed already. i stayed in line and got my lunch after 30 minutes.

i am now listening to Yael of Sponge Cola. i really like his voice and i wish he will make my headache disappear. i guested at azrael's merryland video blog and i just realized that my face gets even bigger when im lying down on the bed.

hopefully i will soon make my own video blog when i have nothing to do. i dont have anything to talk about yet. if you have suggestions tell me : )

for those who have not downloaded or listened to my podcast please see below. : )


Jonas Diego said...

How about a video sales pitch on all the stuff you're selling? :)

suzaku_lace said...

nice idea! just like tv shopping haha. thanks for dropping by J. :)