Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Update August 1, 2006

We finally have broadband internet at home!!! welcome mp3s, youtube movies, and net trash.

but im too tired to even turn the pc on at home so azrael the net addict takes the seat like 24/7.

it's very rainy and we were praying no classes but here we are now, workers. heehee.

i also made up my mind of staying with my current work, and i hope i made the right choice. it was a good deal afterall.

im doing great with my school tours, i just hate kids who laugh at how many times i say "so" i want to throw my nike at their face when they do that.

then last night i bought FHM because azrael sinungaling told me we had our pic in it and the toycon had a 2 page feature. and voila i opened the 125 peso mag and saw my face nowhere and toycon only occupied like 1/8 of 1 page. i was furious! well i was so excited and all to buy the mag and see my ass there then it was all just a lie. hmpf. kids never should be disappointed OKAY???!!!!

that's all have a fun august everybody!!!