Friday, September 22, 2006

Pampanga Tour, Stardom?

it's another friday, thank God. i love sleeping at 11pm and waking up around 8am. no work tomorrow, just hanging out and pigging out inside the house. but now im on a semi-diet mode, as influenced by my office lunchmates. i also noticed my arms are getting paddle like : (

i feel like a star awhile back, i went to Pampanga again to market and promote DLS-CSB. the kids were lovely, there were even gay students listening intently to what i am saying about fashion design and interior design. when i asked questions like do you guys know who the fab 5 is? they eagerly answer yes yes and break into a fabulous laughter. gosh i love it. we were early to arrive and i presented 2nd, with my bedhair and oily, untouched-up face. but when i went on center, vavoom. i feel wonderful as the kids stare at me like i am the answer to their career confusions. and i am. : )

they went to our table after my presentation, they asked smart questions, around half of them went back to see me at the booth. some asked where i got my rubbershoes, if they will see me there, and several more about the college. some stayed talking with us for 10 minutes asking about particular degree programs. that's what i call sensible kids!!! indepth questions and exploratory ones.

as i am waiting for azrael of course to arrive, we'll catch the bus together, my stomach is rumbling and wants to eat at sbarro's. 25 minutes more and i can eat already. maybe i'll eat eggplant parmesiana just to say its still a healthy dinner.

we also have a new driver, his name is jayson and we enjoyed chatting with him the whole trip. he is just 21 but is married and has a very cute son.