Friday, October 20, 2006

Japanese Bazaar, Anya Blues, Grey's Anatomy, Yan Yan

Update for October 20..

thank God it's Friday! even though i hardly slept becuase my bedmate azrael is so big i barely have space for myself,i still managed to make my morning a blast! i travelled to work with a big satisfied contented smile.

im so sad i dont have any photos to plaster with my post. later at lunch, im going to the Japanese Bazaar with Azrael and his sister Misyel. hopefully, i can get good photos from there.

still, a part of me is in lonely mode because ANYA who is supposed to come home on November, looks like she is not coming home until January! Holy Macaroni with Cheesy Tomato! if only i have the money i will go there and fetch my baby niece.

Grey's Anatomy

we watched this before going to sleep and my bedmate got goosebumps and had a funny face while watching the operation scenes.

both of us got scared of going to the hospital. will we ever have courage to bear a baby and risk my life during delivery? -- that is the question.

ran to the canteen just now and look what i found! YAN YAN they now have messages written on each pretzel stick. so cute!