Thursday, November 16, 2006

Back in Manila with McDreamy and Az McHottie

Here are some photos from Bacolod, the not-so trip but it was an experience! Chong and I said that we are being punished for our sins, now we are back in manila, we are already good and clean. we will not complain of traffic, dust, heat, or whatever. Most photos are from Silay, the place where Balay Negrense is. It was creepy but our photos were excellent.

In the first photo we are channeling desperate housewives inside a native kitchen.

Next, we are doing the Bryanboy bag pose inside a pasalubong center. There's not much to see in Bacolod, believe me... there are more ghosts than places to see. But that didnt stop us to shoot some pics.

We had to ride a bus when we arrived, because of the nature of Bacolod airport. I think everything is manual there. Only one conveyer belt and it was given to PAL. so what we had were manongs singing boomtarattarat while manually carrying bags from the plane to their owners. it was a marketplace! good thing i am a Filipino and am kinda used to these situations.

Look at me here, i look like a tired social worker ahahahaha : )

Manong where is Yaya???!!!

Our van was nice, i just got heatstroke last week. good thing that our van in Bacolod had a working aircon.

I'll post more photos next time. Check out Chong's Coping Mechanisms for more stories on our Bacolod trip.

babay! im going to watch Greys Anatomy dvd now. Im also happy today that i was able to make a decision and everybody is still happy. I love my first job! : )


Jac said...

Sabi ko na nga ba you watch Grey's Anatomy din when I read 'McDreamy' :D My fave character there is Izzie!

suzaku_lace said...

ei jac!

ako si derek! he is my doctor boyfriend haahaha >.< iu like izzie too ^^

i cant wait to go home and watch more episodes.