Thursday, December 21, 2006

My lost kitten is found!!!!!

My kitten that i saved from EDSA, named by my mom PULOT.. the filipino word for 'picked up' was missing the other day (

it was playing in the garden at night when the kid demon carolers took it. the kitten likes being around persons and maybe it walked to them. i was so sad that it was gone then today my sister called me up and told me that they found the kitten!!!

it was being held by a kid that was walking along with his/her mom. my aunt heard their conversation and the kid was saying "yehey may magbabantay na ng bahay natin (yey someone will guard our house now) " and she saw the kitten.

then my mom walked to them and took PULOT back ^____^ now it's at home being guarded so that it won't get lost again.