Thursday, January 11, 2007

Preview Magazine January 2007 Issue

i visited the dermatologist today and i was looking for magazines when i saw Judy Ann Santos looking very glam in Preview Magazine. I bought it right away! I want to see her do glamour shots. she's very successful in losing some weight and i needed inspiration. hahahaha.

January issue is full of fashion shots and articles, it's a must buy! i was talking with my older sister in YM and we both wished we can go shopping for new bags and clothes >.< we are thinking of doing business soon and we laughed at the idea that we will wear great clothes even when we are just in our business store. we still have to consult our mother.

our housemate Elvie also left today and am a bit sad. one less person in the house again and i have to work extra with the dishes and the cooking *lol*

im so excited for Joni (my older sister) to come home!


Gabriel Cuesta said...

I didn't know Judy Ann Santos. She is very beautyful :D :D :D

And don't be sad! :)

suzaku_lace said...

thanks! house helpers come and go and i am always saddened when they go away. : )

Judy Ann Santos is a celebrity in the Philippines. ^^