Saturday, April 14, 2007

Time to Celebrate! : )

There are lots of stuff to celebrate about!

First in my list is that I was able to finish the work week quiet smoothly, thanks to my new found organizing skills, i created different tables, lists, sorted my emails and so on. whew ^^; i have about a month left in the office and im trying to be very positive about the remaining days. I'll miss my new-found friends heehee : )

Next is Azrael's graduation day and that's on a Monday and I was able to get an approved absence from work. I didn't attend my own graduation day and i regret it ahahaha :) But Azrael is very excited, he even wore his toga right away after receiving it.

And i went alone ice skating after work, rates are more expensive now. In Mall of Asia, unlimited time is now P350 both weekdays and weekends. Thank God for my coupons!!! Im getting better each time, now i can skate without bending my knees and back too much.

Not-so to celebrate about

I want to go shopping today for something to wear for his graduation. I just read the latest issue of Preview (April) and there are lots of clothes that i want to look for!!!! grrrr >. Looking forward - im excited to go to my very much delayed Boracay trip, Hongkong, or (not yet decided). I miss traveling and getting nervous and icky while on the plane. So before that, i need to earn some pocket moolah : )