Thursday, May 10, 2007

Good Advice from Susan Miller

Susan Miller, i knew her from my officemates in MCO : ) Today i took a step forward and still, im not very sure what to do with my career,life, and money ahahaha ^^ Because im so confused, i consulted the planets and the stars through susan miller. The stars are positioned in my favor, count in the planets!!! I just hope everything turns out well, or how they should be. I don't want to plan yet or be excited over a decision i will make - i'll just let it be. As far as the stars and the planets are concerned, they will work on my favor. whatever news there will be or choice i make on my way.

For now, i won't touch my money - you can kill me but im not withdrawing cash from the bank or getting some from my mom heehee :) I'll just need to be patient and sacrifice a bit until the stars give me their surprise.