Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Guinataan and Qwek Qwek

Here is my encounter with Guinataan. My aunt went out and i asked her to buy me one, this is the guinataan from Kamay Kainan. It's deliciously colored purple because of the yam, lot's of tapioca balls and rice flour balls too! yummeh! :)

I froze it right away and ate it before going to sleep. that's a solid heavy midnight snack ^^

Then while i was shopping at St. Francis Square, I saw All About Q's stall. They were selling Takoyaki, Crispy Squid Balls, Fish Balls, and Qwek Qwek. There are different sauces available too. I enjoyed eating it even if i had to stand until i finished everything. That's almost the same as eating street food ^^


Joni Llanora Ibarra said...

Whatever happened to my burberry scarf? Galing ka pala St. Francis!

suzaku_lace said...

wala nga eh