Thursday, June 28, 2007

Idol ko si Nelo

Do you remember Nelo? The homeless boy that has a dog named polgas? He's my idol right now because my mother told me last night that she will evict me out of the house because i angry her all the time. That's the negative effect of big brother, one day you'll be surprised that even in your own house, there is an eviction.

Suddenly i feel like im in highschool and college again, times when i get into fights with my mother. if i was still in that age, i would say my mom has always something against me and her favorite pastime is reprimanding me. now that i am a bit older, i would say - she hasn't changed.

this is the point when i give up and prepare for the worst, one day i might be blogging from the streets of manila or not have a computer access at all. my savings would not be able to sustain me if, i do get evicted or whatever. i hate being at the mercy of anybody so today was the start of me working hard and realizing the realities of life when your trust fund suddenly becomes uncertain. just like the housemates i see on tv, i am ready to leave whenever and have my suitcases ready and welcome the realidad of buhay.