Monday, June 25, 2007

Toycon Treat and Transformers coloring book and toys

Collectibles Unlimited treated all the marshals who helped during the Toycon to delicious chinese food yesterday at the Jade Palace. I'm not a marshal but azrael brought me too heehee :)

SPONSOR <--- thanks again to azrael's mom for my outfit : )

michelle was there and also doc's wife and they kept me company.

Santino, doc's cutey little son was there again and i can't keep my eyes off him!

Later that day, Transformers Philippines met and played with the leader class optimus prime. RG was so engrossed at the robot. we are all excited for the event on friday at Megamall. it will also serve as an EB for the forumers and a get together activity for the whole group. Victor gave me 30 pesos so I can buy myself a transformers movie coloring book in National Bookstore.

Jollibee has also released kiddie meals that comes with transformers movie toys. They had transformers toys also a few months back, but this one is different - they say. i wish the toys will be of good quality when i get my hands on them later. it will go again in my toys treasure box :)