Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My day today

Was okay. ahahaha. I now wake up at 8am everyday, it feels better somehow ^^ i miss eating breakfast. I went with my aunt to glorietta to deliver some of the Transformers shirts. Thanks for all those who bought tshirts and it was nice meeting you! :)

I also met my friend mariel and we were able to talk a lot... 90% of our conversation is about not having enough money. hahhaha :) it was a good day! Yeyey, my aunt - enjoyed shopping for her friend and for my other aunt. Tomorrow i shall ship some shirts to the buyers via 2go and maybe i can watch a movie too ^^ i still have free movie passes. im dying to see the cooking rat - ratatouile, not sure of the spelling but you say it like - rat-tah-tu-ee ahahaha i hope it's showing already.