Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Post Deleted

I am so tired today and also disappointed for some reasons. Someone does not appreciate my hard work (if you were here yesterday, you could have seen the project i made out of boredom). I was hoping he'll all be giddy and proud of what i made. Maybe he doesn't want somebody else to see it or whatever. I wish i just made a photo montage video of me and BART SIMPSON or me and my happy meal toys. grrrr ~ i'll never create something for you again!

I was out the whole day with limited budget and I had to cancel some destinations for some reasons i'd rather not disclose. It was all sweat and dust, I rode the bus, the mrt, and not ONE but TWO jeepneys! I wish tomorrow will be more organized and worth my trip - at least i'll have a car tomorrow.

sorry for the rant post, maybe soon i'll be able to post something better.