Monday, August 20, 2007

Cinnamoroll says Keep your Fluffy Cool

It's the last non-working day, and my sister Liza and I are losing our cool. Because since yesterday morning, we are always unpleasantly surprised (if you are my regular reader you know i hate ___). I can't publish it YET since i might create a stir.

Anyway, Liza and I are not enjoying because we want our privacy always. The freedom to do whatever we want inside the house and pick our own spots to flop ourselves to. We also want silence. The long vacation is only the moment we can relax and be comfortable for a longer time.

Even if i stare at my cartoon-interest, Cinnamoroll a million times, i can't get myself into Fluffy mood! I also logged in sanrio town to try and be cheery and hypnotize myself to be brighter. but to no avail.