Sunday, September 02, 2007

28th Manila International Book Fair

A book worm like me would not dare miss this event! I woke up and immediately took my mom to the World Trade Center. Both of us were very excited to see new, old, and rare books that we just had to buy. The crowd was thick but I didn't mind, it was my annual chance to haul my year's supply of books with my mom's golden money.

Summit Media, my favorite publisher of magazines was there too but they didn't have September issues of some magazines that I read. So I only got three magazines with 3 free back issues. :)

My mom went home with hardbound Filipiniana books of course, she can run a public library. Our home library can no longer accommodate her new books! She actually tells me she'd put up a library in one of our lots so other children can read - no way.

Lots of mascots were there too and I couldn't resist to grab each of them for a photo op. My boyfriend ended up carrying 2 sacks of books, I can't wait to read them all and thank you very much to my mother, without her - I won't be able to buy as much :)