Saturday, September 29, 2007

Grey's Anatomy - Change is Gonna Come

Grey's Anatomy fans like me painfully waited months for Season 4. The first episode was aired last September 24 and now it's time to start searching the net for episode downloads!!! I missed the hot steaming doctors, especially Meredith. Many fans hate her because she's always the focus of the show but i like her because she knows how to get her men and enjoy them too! : ) all without sacrificing her logic, although sometimes she gets distracted too.

Bonus scene Meredith and McDreamy -

It's time to wait and see whether who ends up with who. Meredith sister's enters the show too, and that sucks because Mcdreamy seems to have the hots for her sister. How weird is that? Go, go, go Meredith! pull her hair and stick the scalpel to her head, do anything to keep Mcdreamy yours. hahaha :) If all else fails, just look for another doctor.

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