Saturday, December 29, 2007

Are you using Firefox?

After rebuilding my blog, I just discovered it's not displaying properly in Internet Explorer. Firefox is my preferred browser so I checked the tweaks via Firefox too. Internet Explorer is said to be more virus and spam ware prone and I stopped using it for years.

I put up a poll which you can participate in, look at the left sidebar. Help me know what you are using while I search the net for solutions. If you know what to do please send me a buzz.

Thank you!


shinkaide said...

Tell me about it. Coding for IE is hell.

Nakakainis nga yung mga Internet Cafe na nagmamatigas sa IE, ayaw pang gumamit ng FF o Opera. Yan tuloy, if you have an audience mostly here in the PH or wherever M$ has para bang mga contractual agreements, talagang kelangan mo i-consider yung IE browser sa site design mo e.

Suzaku Lace said...

yup and it even displays differently in different versions of IE. surprise!

now i have to waste time again to fix it >.<

azrael said...

asan ang left sidebar?