Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas creates Traffic and Make drivers more choosy

My eyes turn alien when I'm busy.

Time is so fast I wish I can add more hours to 24. I am setting up a Twitter account (yup i am joining twitter!), discovering some internet stuff, researching, and I have yet to read some magazines and books, rah rah lace!

Yesterday, much of my time went to another exhilarating shopping activity with my aunt at the World Bazaar. I figured there will be less people if we start at night but I was proven wrong. I think I won't go to bazaars for quiet some time and now I am problematic where I should get my Christmas list done.

Choosy Drivers

Traffic was terrible also even though we left at 6pm, the buses are crowded too. I can really feel Christmas coming, taxi drivers are very choosy with their passengers. Are they waiting for commuters to offer them 1 million just to get home? I dont know if they prefer a near or far destination, what do you want!

The shuttle drivers at Mall of Asia are also acting like kings, making us wait and fall in line for so long because they prioritize other destinations which also equates to "choosing passengers". Good thing i don't need to experience this everyday but what about the poor commuters who come from a tiring day at work?

During weekdays when I go out and need to get a taxi, we have to pay 100% more just to get home. The taxi's wont turn on their meters and set a fixed price instead, it's like playing deal or no deal. I observe that most taxi drivers in Ortigas are choosy and arrogant, hmph! I wish there will be an influx of taxis hence the law of supply and demand, if there are more taxis then demand is not that high, taxis wont be so arrogant and they will have to lower their prices.

Taxi and public utility drivers, you don't own the world. :P

*this post excludes the Kind Taxi Drivers on earth.


Philippe Andre said...

We have to deal with those kinds of taxi drivers here in Makati everyday. Parang unique lang siya dito e... sa may Eastwood tsaka sa libis kahit madaling araw na okay lang kahit saan, metro parin yung sinusundan.

Alam ko labag sa batas yung ginagawa nila, di ba?

Suzaku Lace said...

yup it's against the law to pick passengers, maybe what we should do is post their plate numbers and taxi names somewhere. hmm that gives ma an idea! thanks andre :)

and goodluck with the taxi hunt ^^

Suzaku Lace said...


btw, you may want to leave your blog's address, i'd love to visit your blog and see what's up in makati :)

Philippe Andre said...

I have a blog over at vox -

... y'know... the one with the article samples I sent ya. :3

Suzaku Lace said...


oh yeah! that slipped my mind, anyway wait for a call tomorrow :)

shinkaide said...

Apir Lace!