Sunday, December 23, 2007

Internet and Beverage Experiments

9 days of vacation and 1 million things to learn, I'm starting tonight catching up with IT in general. Kicked it off with SEO guru Mr. John Scotts, got a welcome message from him but it's automated ha-ha!

I'm also loading several programs onto my laptop and I wonder how it feels like to have your own web server? Drupal, an open source CMS with gazillion new features requires an APACHE web server and I don't even have a personal web host >.<

Tis' the season indeed to experiment and learn. And what goes well with "leisure working" but refreshing and relaxing beverages?

1. San Miguel Coffee Sachets - for late nights and Internet surfing at 1am

2. Lipton Milk Tea - perks up a lazy afternoon, drop some ice on hot milk tea and you have instant nai cha (still, nothing beats a local tea from Thailand)

3. Lactasoy Soy Milk - morning drink perfect with oreos during breakfast. That is, if you get up early. Lactasoy has collagen too that may help reduce wrinkles caused by squinting at the monitor.

4. Lipton Green Tea - too much sitting down and not burning calories? Green tea helps shed some pounds and toxins. That's easy!

5. Lipton Brisk Tea - eating heavy lunch this season is but normal, it may cause drowsiness though. So, drink yet another cup of tea to help you digest that heavy meal and drown away drowsiness.

It's good I'm done with my Christmas list, it didn't help though that Chinabank ATMs are not working! So much for shopping, now I have more time to be productive.


shinkaide said...

I recommend purchasing a box of the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's "Genmaicha" ... basically, it's Green Tea with roasted rice. It's really good!

They've got some other great-tasting teas, but I'm not too high on the fact that most of their more exotic teas are artificially flavored.

For coffee, check out the Coffee Beanery's Cravings Blend - best served as an americano; the aroma is just hypnotizing, and it tastes awesome, even on it's own (no milk/sugar).

Suzaku Lace said...

thanks coffee and tea guru :) maybe we should go have a field trip to the cafe sometime? haha

shinkaide said...

Aba, kung manglilibre ka baket hende? Ahihihi. X3