Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cooking Away - Spicy Chicken

This weekend was a bit loony, the nagging fest is happening again and my mom is driving everybody nuts with her moodiness. I can't express how affected I am that my aunt will leave us because she had enough of my mom already. Definitely, I can't let these stuff pull me down. The stars say I should focus my energies on gazillion opportunities in front of me and that's what I'll do.

I was able to get this SEO e-book, wee! :) and I'm dying to have it printed somewhere. Highlighting books and papers makes me feel good. Add to that jotting down random stuff in my notebook and ticking them off.

In the kitchen, I cooked away the negativity inside my house and made spicy chicken. Had to hold back the quantity of Tabasco though. Thanks to the Internet for giving me a sumptuous recipe. Cyberspace, you are my family. Find the recipe here.


shinkaide said...

Mom-problems, eh? I can relate to that.

We also have the same habit of writing notes in books and highlighting stuff - kind of lets you focus more on the matter at hand.

Joni Llanora Ibarra said...

Add to your new year's resolution: Be more patient and understanding with your mom. Fix your attitude kaya. Ikaw din may deperensya. I've been there and saw how you treat mom. Have some gratitude. Mama even pays your phone bills and you can't even treat her right...

Suzaku Lace said...


I'll give you a highlighter? haha


no comment.