Sunday, February 17, 2008

Where to Earn Blog Money

Last night, Azrael was ecstatic for being able to sell lots of advertisements on his blog. He is using Text Link Ads and at the moment, each link in his blog costs $10. I am not sure if this is a daily thing or what but that's a great way to monetize your blog.

I had TLA before but because no one was buying ads, i took it down. I guess it takes time and patience since I remember Azrael placed his TLA long before he got some bids.

Right now, I'm making a faster progress with Project Wonderful, and they really are wonderful for making some cents from my blog. Easy to setup, easy to earn. Can't ask for more.

And then, I am still loving Smorty for giving me some topics to write about. Most of the time it's about online casino and a shopping cart software. Speaking of online casino, there is gossip that some movie stars earn a lot of money from this stint. I don't know how it works though haha. It was mentioned in The Buzz magazine which Azrael buys for the comics of his friend Gerry.

I hope there will be more blog networks in the Philippines and here's a question, will people make some cents from Entrecard in the future?


azrael said...

hehhehe after mo ma post nito
dami nagtanong sa akin about earning money from blogging hehehehe