Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bean Hoppers Sunday, Marimar at SM Bacoor

At last my plans are pushing through, like having a coffee break at Bean Hoppers here in our local mall. It's nice to get out just for the sake of going out.

My favorite cheesecake was not available so I tried the chocolate cake instead. Boy, it was very delicious. Soft and gooey chocolate inside but the sweetness is just right. I just paired it up with Americano coffee. I am in no position to review coffee, but I recommend for local coffee reviews. You too can start enjoying REAL coffee with some guidance from the said blog.

The mall was overflowing with people, Marian Rivera is having a mall show and the fans are going crazy. I wanted to see her too, mind you, I enjoy watching her whenever the bus shows the Marimar soap opera. Yet the crowd was very thick, I never even got a glimpse of her shadow. If you don't know who Marian Rivera is, below is her audition video for the role of Marimar :)

Wow I had a great weekend, something I missed for a very long time :) Have a great week everybody! 'til the next blog posts.


Andre said...

That place you had coffee and cake at sounds good! My list of coffee shops to check out keeps growing... Grrr. X3

Suzaku Lace said...

hey i gave you a free advertisement! ahaha :)

Try it, cheap but good.

I brought Az to Mozu today and he enjoyed the Macadamia Frappe and Bolognese pasta.