Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pretty Hot Sunday - Halo Halo Time!

It is very hot these days and today we decided to go out for halo-halo, shaved ice mixed with fruit, sweet beans, and topped with icecream.

We walked out of the village, and it really is summer! Lots of dried leaves on the streets and the trees are going bald without greens.

Inside the mall, i found out that Iceberg was already gone. Iceberg is my favorite fast food halo-halo stall. So we have not much choice but to go to another restaurant named MXT. The halo-halo was just okay. The ube wasn't really ube, no leche flan, and they mixed 3 flavors of icecream in one scoop. Although the halo-halo was successful in making us feel cold.

The best halo-halo is in Digman in Cavite, 15 minutes away by car from our home. Azrael has a post dedicated to Digman in his blog.


Webster Twelb said...

looks good!