Saturday, March 15, 2008

Trip to Quaipo and the Search for Concert DVDs

Yesterday was daomisyel's birthday! :) I was able to leave work early and got to join her and her brother Az to Quaipo, Ongpin, then Recto. We visited Quaipo church which was jampacked with people and I felt like I was having a field trip.

We walked around blocks in search for Wai Ying restaurant which served cheap but very delicious authentic Chinese food. I ate there before with my work friends over at MCO (miss them so much). The food was excellent, perfect for the festive occasion of Misyel's birthday! :) haha and I was able to buy Chili Sauce made of fried hot peppers (labuyo) with oil. Not really sure of the concoction used in chili sauce but it's the only thing that can satisfy my appetite for hot food. The bottle only costs around 120 pesos.

After which we headed over to Recto in search for DVDs. I was particularly searching for Kenny Rogers (macho man) DVD and I found it! and that signaled the end of a very happy Friday for me.

Today was great as well, I was able to spend a lot of time with Az on a Saturday. Now we're home and we still have time to blog and review sites like online casino and another online casino from Smorty haha :)

We tried searching for some DVDs in both Greenhills and Quaipo, but Az was only able to buy the original Incubus concert DVD at Astrovision in Greenhills.


Andre said...

Glad to hear you're doing better - that chicken looks delicious! :)