Saturday, May 03, 2008

Go back to writing my blog?

Hmmm... I've been thinking that somehow, blogging has its downs too. Like one, it's getting featured on local television like it's some past time for nomads, angst-filled teenagers, desperate employees, and get quick rich wannabes.

Second, some people are lured into a virtual world where conversation is in the form of comments and interactivity is called twittering. For some time I stopped blogging and looked out for other activities such as - living.

Creating a social profile in the real world is much more enjoyable than adding strangers to facebook, multiply, and friendster.

Maybe, I am just one of the few who are already saturated with the web at the moment. So for now, I'll be out spending my time on earth wisely in the real world :)

Whenever I have deep thoughts like this though, surely, I'll have to immortalize them here.


Andre said...

Been there, done that. I've burned out on the Internet more than once (especially on them social networking things).

I say keep things simple, accounts to a minimum. One central personal blog, which collates your lifestream (like say, pownces, tweets, diggs, flickrposts, etc)... makes it easy to have one thing to look at and see what you need to see.

Another thing is to have just one email address for family and friends, and another for business and online subscriptions.

And then there's that neat GMail trick where you forward everything from your other email accounts to one gmail account... good stuff.