Saturday, June 21, 2008

June 20 is the Happiest Day and How to Eliminate Stress

I read that June 20, yesterday is the happiest day of the year.

It was based on a scientific calculation that had something to do with the weather and the prospect of holidays. It's hard to believe that there is such 'happiest day in the world' but yesterday was an extra happy day for me for simple reasons.

I walked to Manila Bay and watched the free fireworks show, while waiting for the show itself, I saw the beautiful sunset and it was very colorful. Seriously, even the patches of colors on the sky are reflected by the waters and I wished I had my camera with me. Around me were couples and highschool students - happy people, made me feel happy too.

My partner came and we enjoyed great dinner for free at Italliani's.

To be happy, you've got to find simple pleasures such as these and try to eliminate stress in your life. Zenhabits tells us how here:

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wear a silly hat - Kung Fu Panda? and Indiana Jones

I agree with his tips, being LATE is simply the usual cause of stress for most people, and second, not responding and doing something about a problem.

Get these out of your life and try to be happy, enjoy life :)