Saturday, July 26, 2008

Visit to St. Paul School Makati

Today, I visited my old elementary school - St. Paul School Makati.

Wow, I can't believe how time flies and it is very nostalgic. I have a lot of memories here especially since I stayed here since prep school, that's about 8 years of being here.

The St. Paul Compound

During those times, I only worried about homework, friends, and whether our driver or my auntie will pick me up on time - if not, I always cry in fear of being left behind alone in school.

St. Peter and Paul Parish Church

Also, there's the fear of being left behind by our school bus whose number is 133.

Parking lot of School Buses

Sometimes, I wish I can just go back to being a kid in school. This trip is very therapeutic yet it somehow makes me sad :)

Kids in school, enjoy it while it lasts!


The Word of God said...

Kids really do need to enjoy it while it last