Saturday, August 02, 2008

Daughtry Concert at Eastwood City - Lovely!

Eastwood city is a nice place to dine in wonderful restaurants and last Tuesday night, I ran to Eastwood after work to witness Chris Daughtry perform with his band. Thank you to for giving us concert passes! haha :)

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When I first heard that we are going to see Daughtry, I was ecstatic because I have their song "Feels like Tonight" in my iPod. The concert last tuesday was different in that the venue is properly laid out, the setting was intimate, there were many attendees but it was never crowded. Going in and out was very easy, no lines at all, perfect.

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The sounds was great and you know how I love nature, the venue had trees within the concert tent and it was breezy that day. When they performed "What About Now", I was very thrilled and happy that I was there. Chris Daughtry had requested a camera flash trick from the crowd, where everyone will take a picture at the same time - causing camera flashes to create a magical display of lights.

Definitely, I can't wait for the next concert that Eastwood City will bring to Manila. Thank you also to Heaven and Eggs for filling my tummy before I walked to the concert area. They had free "soup of the day" that was a heavenly mushroom soup, perfect pair for the roast that I ordered.


I am in like with the drummer, the way he hits those drums is awesome!