Monday, August 04, 2008

Louis Vuitton - Trunks and Bags

I admire different types of Louis Vuitton bags but I know nothing about them - absolutely. I just know that they are pricey and especially designed and made by the likes of Marc Jacobs. They are hard to find which makes these bags much more special.

Tonight I saw this Louis Vuitton bag from my favorite blog - chuvaness. I am in like! I wish my sister Joni gets one, she is the brand person in the family and I am just happy to know that she has all these glitzy things. Well, I want one too but if I do acquire one - it will start a new collection and who knows what will happen next. I am not even sure if they are even selling these, again I do not know anything about LVs. It's just that from all the Louis Vuitton bags I ever saw, this is the bag I can feel myself carrying.

What is this bag really called?

I saw a lot of online shops offering it for just $39 but then they are just replicas, nyeee. I don't like fake, what's the point? Where is the best place to grab this? >.<


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